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(Vaginal tightening)

Sometimes over the course of a woman’s life, factors like childbirth and the ageing process can cause the muscles of the vagina to become loose. For many women, this results in a decrease in sexual pleasure for themselves and often for their male partners to some extent.

The procedure of reducing the length of inner labia or inner flaps called vaginoplasty that tightens the vaginal canal and muscles surrounding it. Usual procedure is to remove the v shaped inner lining from posterior wall of vagina and levator muscle.

No stay is required at hospital just come to the hospital get your surgery done and go to home. There will be no scar of any type after surgery. No body can come to know about surgery.

There is no side effect of any type on your health. It is completely safe and 100% successful.

Surgery will be done in a well established hospital.

We provide 100% secrecy to our patients . No private information of any type is required.

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