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After Care

After Hymenoplasty and Vaginoplasty, it is very important to look after yourself and make any necessary adjustments in your lifestyle. It is very important to maintain your hygiene after the surgery, because the wound will take some time to heal.

Some things you will need to bear in mind are:

Cleanliness- Full recovery takes at least 4-6 weeks. Cleanliness of your vaginal area is extremely important at this time in order to prevent dirt particles from settling in the suture wounds. You can shower from 24 hours after your surgery but you should avoid baths for the first few days.

Watch for any signs of infection-Contact your surgeon if you experience a sudden pain increase or any extended bleeding for example.

Abstain from sex – Sexual activity will aggravate any pain and soreness, so do not engage in any sexual activity until the discharge and soreness has settled. You should usually refrain for at least about 4-6 weeks and sometimes for as long as 3 months (unless your ‘new’ hymen is of the artificial kind – see above).

Avoid tamponsStick to sanitary towels until after your first post-surgery sexual.

Avoid exertion –You should avoid lifting heavy objects or doing any housework for a minimum of a week, as this can put pressure on the whole vaginal region. Any kind of pressure can damage the hymen again, creating pain, or even the need for another operation.

Relax – Try to take it easy for the first few weeks following surgery and spend time doing things that relax you, such as watching TV or reading for example. Rest as much as possible. The more you rest, you quicker you will be ready to get back to normal life.

Bleeding –You will need to be prepared with panty-liners after your operation because you will be likely to bleed for about 48-72 hours afterwards.

Discomfort during sex – When you do first engage in sexual intercourse after your Hymenoplasty, you will experience some pain and bleeding.

1.Post-operative processes after the Vaginal Surgery

• You may experience dizziness due to anesthesia, so you should take a rest for a while. • After the procedure, you will be monitored for 1 hour at recovery room. When you are conscious with no abnormal bleeding, Doctor will allow you to return home.

• Doctor may suggest some women to stay overnight at the hospital. After the procedure, you will be monitored for 1 hour at recovery room. When you are conscious, Doctor will allow you to continue being monitored in In-patient Building, where you will get medicines for infection, pain and for fast recovery.

• Within 1-2 days after the procedure, you should not take a shower which may potentially cause infection–perhaps rub the body dry.

• After 1-2 days, Doctor will ensure that 1) no abnormal bleeding from the surgical wound occurs and 2) you can have urination yourself after the catheter removal, as well as 3) you are asked to well review post-operative care instructions. Then Dr. Vitasna will allow you to return home.

2. Post-operative care instructions at home for the Hymennoplasty

• You must take antibiotic to protect against a post-operative infection, anti-inflammatory drug to lessen the wound pain and acetaminophen drug, as prescribed by Dr. Vitasna, especially the antibiotic which should be wholly completed.

• After 1-2 days of the Hymenoplasty procedure, you are allowed to take a shower. You should clean the surgical wound at the perineum area with soap daily when you are taking a shower in the morning or before bedtime. Do not put anything or clean inside of the vagina.

• Within 2 weeks after the procedure, cleaning the surgical wound at the perineum area after urinary excretion may be done with sanitary wipes and after fecal excretion done using water and toweling gently. You should try to avoid moisture around the surgical wound to let it heal faster.

• You may experience light reddish bleeding out of the vagina in around 1-2 weeks after the procedure, and you should use a sanitary napkin to monitor the bleeding. In case of excessive bleeding or reddish blood clot, swollen wound and high fever, please contact the Center for suggestions or come to see Doctor for the surgical wound examination.

• You may have all kinds of food, with the exceptions of alcohol drinks, pickled food, and smoking for about 1 month after the surgery.

• For the Hymenoplasty with mini-Perineoplasty, green-yellowish discharge may be expected after the procedure. The vagina is full of secretions and bacteria, causing reaction to the surgical wound and suture. Itching and curd like discharge may be caused by vaginal yeast infection, after a prolonged use of antibiotics. Sanitary pads should be used. In case of smelly or vaginal fungi infection, additional medications may be prescribed.

3. Recovery period for Hymenoplasty

• Recovery varies individually, within 1 day after the surgery, you can have movement around, but you should refrain from work and other daily activities in 2-3 days after the surgery.

• Within 2-4 weeks after the surgery, the surgical wound does not heal well, you may start your daily activities gradually and energy-consuming physical activities should be limited.

• Within 4-6 weeks after the surgery, you may do your usual activities, yet avoiding heavy activities and exercises.

• After 6 weeks of the surgery, relaxing exercises and lifting light weights are permitted. However, you should refrain from running, soaking in bathtub, swimming, heavy lifting, cycling, other heavy activities and sexual intercourse for 8 weeks after the surgery.

4. Suture removal after the Hymenoplasty

• The material used is the suture which dissolves slowly (within 6-12 weeks). However, for some women, the suture takes longer than 6-12 weeks to completely dissolve, consequently irritation. For the women with itching caused by the dissolving sutures and the process of healing, you will be prescribed antihistamine to control the itching.

5. Appointment after the Hymenoplasty

• Doctor will have a post-operative appointment in 1-2 weeks after the surgery or as appropriate.

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